Croydons "Back Garden Railway"

Woodside - Sanderstead Closed 13 May 83

Elmers End - Addiscombe Closed 31 May 97

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Croham Road Bridge

13 Nov 05

I wonder how many people who regularly go under this bridge realise a train hasn't crossed it in over 22 years! Although for another train to cross I'd think they need to lay down something other than just wooden planks!

Jan 08

Some brilliant views on top of the bridge.

Top left is looking towards Spencer Road.

Top right is towards Selsdon station.

Above is looking down and Croham Road towards Selsdon (town.)



Dornton Road Footbridge

13 Nov 05 June 07

Looking towards Selsdon station. Believe it or not the tracks are still there, just hidden by the undergrowth.

19 months later and it's all been cleared and a single track is visible. Apparently the track was still in situ as an oil tank siding was used until 93.

Selsdon station was directly ahead and the goods yard to the left.

Jan 08
A couple of great tack level photos. Left is towards Spencer Road and right towards Selsdon Station.
23 July 07
And the oil tank is still there!!!!


Looking towards Sanderstead
Looking towards Dornton Road footbridge

The station subway gas lamp.

You just don't see any of this any more.

Wicked man!!! Looking towards Sanderstead
All the above taken 13 May 83

13 Nov 05

Selsdon station entrance which takes you on to the island platform.
30 Dec 83 13 Nov 05

My brother and I on the Woodside branch platform and a DEMU passing on the East Grinstead line.

The Island platform is now a private housing estate. How fantastic is that!

13 Nov 05 5 June 83
Looking at the same platform I was standing on over 22 years previously. Unfortunately you can't reach it without trespassing now.
13 Nov 05

Looking towards Sanderstead on the East Grinstead platforms. East Grinstead trains ceased calling here in 1959.

The stair railings are still intact on the island platform you can just make them out in the 30 Dec 83 photo. Brilliant!!!

13 Nov 05 5 June 83
Another view towards East Grinstead on the island platform and one from the now inaccessible Woodside platform.
13 Nov 05
Looking towards South Croydon. You can see South Croydon station in the distance in the second photo. Probably why Selsdon wasn't well used by passengers.
5 June 83
Another view you can no longer get due to bushes!


An EPB going up towards East Grinstead to reverse back down to the right side platform An EPB #5763 forming an Elmers End train.

These destination boards are part of history as well.

Don't know about you but I'm getting really weepy here!

The crew of the very last Sanderstead - Elmers End train.

Rumours are that they went on to form a Dexy's Midnight Runners tribute band!!!!

The Above four were taken on 13 may 83

5 June 83

5 March 06

The original building was destroyed by fire in 86. Several alterations and additions here. The path doesn't curve so sharply, the building on the right was built in the last 23 years (see enlarged photo), and my father has changed his car!

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Thanks to the late Stephen Parascandolo of the Unofficial Croydon Tramlink site for helping identify some of the locations taken in 98.

All photos taken on 80, 13 May 83, 89, June 07, July 07 & Jan 08 are copyright of Paul Lane.