(Closed 1916 Passengers. 1965 Freight)



(Closed 1959)

Another London branch line that probably not many people know about. A very curious 1 1/4 mile branch line that curved round from South Acton in 180 degree arc. Passenger wise it was a complete flop even with an introduction of 3 intermediate stops (all within easy walking distance) However it had a daily freight working until Beeching's minions came across it and it closed in 65.

I've also included the last visible remaining part of the ludicrous LT district line South Acton branch. Well I was in the area......

Most people would say what's the point of photographing a line that has disappeared beyond all trace? I would turn around and say "Ah but it hasn't. You can see the new houses between the old where the line ran. The long path half way round where a track so obviously laid. Cast yourself back 80 years and imagine."

I've joined a dating site.............

All photos were taken on a very wet Sunday morning 6 Nov 05.

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Hammersmith & Chiswick Station
The housing estate was built I believe in the mid 90s.

You can see the bridge where the line went under the District & Piccadilly lines


LT bridge towards Bath Road
Looking towards Bath road with the far left and middle arches.
Looking towards Hammersmith & Chiswick Station.

A Line did run through here. Honest. I'm not making it up!

I'm convinced these signs under the bridge are something to do with the railway. If anyone knows please put me out of my misery.

Richard J. at U.K Transport London has very kindly provided the following info on the above signs.

The signs say D 76 B and D 76 E. Basically they are District Line signs (or perhaps District Railway if pre-1933).  The D stands for District. The collection of bridges which take the present-day Piccadilly and District lines over the path of the old Hammersmith & Chiswick branch are numbered D76, and the B and E are suffixes denote particular spans.

I think the southern spans carrying the westbound tracks include some brick arches, whereas the northern spans carrying the eastbound tracks are just two metal girder spans. (They were built in 1911 when the District/LSWR line was widened to 4 tracks.)  So we have 5 or more spans to number, hence the suffix letters go from A to at least E.

Note that the Hammersmith & Chiswick line was there first (1857), and the present District Line was first operated by the LSWR from 1869, so the bridges were the LSWR's originally.

Cheers for that Richard.


Bath Road Halt
Once again, when you know what you're looking for it's quite easy. Another brand new set of houses where once stood Bath Road Halt. The railway went straight over the road.

The top photos are looking towards Woodstock Road. The bottom towards Hammersmith & Chiswick.

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