My home area. Funnily enough there aren't as many photos as I thought there would be. Maybe it's because I found the rolling stock incredibly dull at the time, but now looking at these photos it gives me the most cherished memories.

Would you Adam and Eve it!

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Acton Central - Autumn 81

A class 501 EMU. Long gone but not forgotten along with the trains destination - Broad St. I really thought I had some photos of Broad St but it appears not. Damn!!!!

Balham - 91

Some God awful loco that I have no interest in. It's the destination board I like as it's been replaced by an electronic indicator.

Beckenham Junction - 21 Dec 80

Me trying to look hard next to an EPB class 415 #5044 EMU and my brother looking rather pleased with himself (must've just pulled a bird!!!)

Berrylands - Mid 81

My brother (in serious need of a haircut, not a problem nowdays) and I beside EMU 508 001.

One of the few stations around London with wooden platforms.

Bushey - Mid 81

My brother and I (looking rather snazzy) with a class 501 EMU. My mother is in the uncut photo, but well... you know it's embarrassing being seen with your Mum.

Chessington South - May 81

My brother and I yet again with EMU 508 034.

East Croydon - Dec 81

A BEP class 410 #7020 EMU.

Before East Croydon was revamped and blessed with a monstrosity of a glass house station building!

East Wimbledon Depot - Late 83

A CIG class 421 #7410, a EPB class 416 # 5792, a class 455 #5825 & a class 508 #508 024 EMUs' respectively.

East Wimbledon Depot - Late 83

An EPB class 415 and the CIG class 421 #7410 EMUs.

Earlsfield - July 83

Class 508 #508 011 EMU.

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